5.4.5_170124 chinese firmware

5.4.5_170124 chinese firmware

5.4.5_170124 chinese firmware

The Hikvision firmware may contain defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request. Hikvision is not liable for any typing or printing errors. Email: overseabusin Hikvision Digital Technology CO., Ltd. No. 555 Qianmo Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310051, China Tel: +86-571-8807 ...

 · Good afternoon, I bought to EP-2442 cameras online in china. OEM versions. I requested the Original firmware from the seller (just in case) and got 2 versions: IPC_R6_EN_NEU_5.4.5.170124 IPC_R6_EN_STD_5.4.5.170124 According to shop, thee STD version is for cameras with Hikvision on...

 · Hikvision recently patched a backdoor in a slew of cameras it makes that could have made it possible for a remote attacker to gain full admin access to affected devices.

Both were running 5.4.5 170124. Reply Agree Disagree Informative Unhelpful Funny Fav × Create New Topic. Cancel Okay. Undisclosed Integrator #5. Reply Edit Options. Delete Create Issue. Create Topic. Ban post. 03/22/18 08:56am. Hikvision has alleged 1000 plus R & D engineers and not one of them can resolve this issue , its beyond funny anymore !! My advice avoid Hik, your best to stick with ...

DS-2CD6424FWD-xx is a covert camera for ATM surveillance. Options include cylindrical, L-shaped, and tube shaped lens; 26 ft (8 m) cable between lens and camera body for flexible installation.

Fixed, 4 mm @ ƒ/2.0 (6 mm option)
Angle of view: 82° (4 mm), 55° (6 mm) H.264/MJPEG/H.264+ 20 @ 2688x1520
30 @ 1920x1080, 1280x720

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