How to check fenix 6 firmware version

how to check fenix 6 firmware version

how to check fenix 6 firmware version

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Fixed an issue where the altitude would drop to 0 every night. (Fenix 6 non-Pro devices.) Fixed an issue where alarm labels were not being translated. Fixed an intermittent issue where the weather widget would fail to load data when connected to an iOS device. Changes made from version 8.10 to 9.00: Added support for Indoor Rock Climbing ...

Brought in cross-country ski improvements for Fenix 6 non-Pro models. Made several improvements to the music experience. Changes made from version 7.81 to 8.00: Fixed an issue where selection of an item in music lists (artist/genre) would yield a landing page for a different artist/genre.

 · As always, in the initial phase, the Garmin has launched an 8.10 firmware version for half of the users. Other 50% Garmin Fenix 6 series users will receive it in the coming weeks. If you don’t know in which half you are, then go to Settings and check it manually.

 · In less than a month cycle, Garmin has released its newest 11.10 stable firmware version for Fenix 6 Series & Marq series smartwatches. The new 11.10 stable update brings plenty of features compared to previous 10.10 stable version.The first major gain in the software is the Livetrack 2.0 feature.The new or updated Livetrack 2.0 will allow Garmin Connect users to share Live event sharing …

 · Garmin is finally releasing a stable 10.10 firmware update for the Fenix 6 series & Marq series smartwatches. After a long list of beta firmware updates for the Fenix 6 & Marq lineup, it is time to receive a stable version. In the stable version, users will get all the features that were included in the recent beta versions and with a more improved version.

 · When you first get your new Garmin Watch one of the first things you should do is update the firmware. This video talks about how to force that update to hap...

Hello Fenix 6 customers, We have new software available for your upcoming adventures! *Our 9.92 Beta for Pro models contained ANT/BLE software version 6.03, however, we believe this peripheral software update has includes a bug that could lead to phone connection problems, or disconnects from sensors/headphones.

Long press UP Settings Sensors HR Connect / About: see your HRM-Run firmware version (just wear it and give it connect first). More details on HRM-Run/Tri: Downgrading and switching between versions is easy, read our group:

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